Started to Get Ready for Comicon

So I am going to be planning my road trip to Comicon in a couple of weeks. Of course it is a big deal. It is a six hour drive down the coast and I have been looking for a good deal on a hotel room. Obviously I want to stay some place relatively close to the site, because it is going to be hard to get in and out of the convention. I just got finished doing some shopping at this place called, mostly to get some stuff for my girl. She is really happy if she gets to dress up for something like this and the more outrageous her costume is the better she likes it. Like a lot of girls she really loves having people pay a lot of attention to her. That is not usually a problem for her, but you have to really do something special if you want to attract a lot of attention at Comicon.

There are a lot of girls walking around in all sorts of wild kit. You see that a lot of them have devised their own costumes, some people are obviously a whole lot better at that than other people. Of course this guy I know has a whole set of clothes based on characters from the Game of Thrones series. You might go over to his house and find him dressed up like that . It is pretty weird for people who do not know the guy and even if you do it is obviously not that normal of a behavior when you are sitting around at the house. If you are at Comicon though it is pretty much par for the course to dress up as loudly as you can imagine . It is not that big of a deal.