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Some Unique Clothes for My Daughter

I have just recently found through a social media post that one of the newest fads amongst teenagers is Harajuku clothing. With Christmas quickly approaching I thought it would be nice to surprise my daughter with this latest trend. This is something that she definitely not expect from me. I knew that I would have to order these clothes online and allow plenty of time for them to arrive before Christmas. Surely I would have enough time since it is now only the beginning of November. I didn’t want to waste any more time so I pulled out my laptop computer and went to the website that was posted on social media.

I could tell right away that this was definitely an online store for girls only. The pink background really grabbed my attention at first sight. I navigated to the section that had clothing and saw a variety of items available. In the section dedicated to tops, I found a variety of shirts that include t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and some tank tops. Almost all of the shirts had characters or designs on them. They were definitely unique and I really think my daughter would like a couple of them. I picked out four different shirts that I thought she would like the best and started the checkout process. Upon checking out, I found out that it could take from 8-20 to ship to the United States. I’m sure glad I decided not to wait until the last minute.

I pride myself in finding gifts that are not expected. I like the look of surprise when my loved ones open up a gift and are completely caught off guard and surprised at the same time. I think I knocked it out of the ballpark and my daughter will never see this one coming.

One Unfortunate Problem After Another

Hair stylists often get a lot of clients on a daily basis, and sometimes it can be hard to get an appointment with one on a certain day. I needed to have my hair washed and straightened because I needed to go to an event, but the usual stylist that I go to didn’t have any openings for me, so I decided to go to a mobile hair stylist in Melbourne. The stylist was able to take me and gave my hair the work it needed. I was quite pleased with the results, especially on such short notice.

Everything was going smoothly for me, and I though that I would be able to get to the event with no problems, but one happened. My car started having trouble, so I had to get it to a mechanic.

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We Have Found the Perfect Store for Us

When my friend came to work the other week with a Hello Kitty purse, I fell in love with it. Even though we are both going to turn 30 years old soon, we will never grow up in some ways. I asked her where she got it from, and she told me from a new Harajuku store she had discovered when looking for some other Hello Kitty gear. She gave me the website address, and I looked at it on my lunch break. I couldn’t even wait til I got home, that is how excited I was!

When I saw all of the cool things on this site, I really fell in love with it. There are a lot of Hello Kitty things there, but there are also Pokemon and Sailor Moon Crystal things too. There are other things too, like some really cute rabbit cotton slippers that I was able to get.

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A Fun Birthday Gift for My Sister

I was trying to think of a nice gift to give my sister for her birthday. She is the type who really does not need anything because she will just go out to the store and get it if she does. While I am really happy that she is able to do that, it does make it hard to find the perfect gift for her. I did not want to give her a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant, nor did I want to just give her flowers or money. I decided on light up shoes for adults after thinking long and hard about this for weeks.

I thought about what she likes to do, which is actually a lot.

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Light Shoes for the Kids

There’s something about these light up sneakers that the kids just love. My oldest son who is in elementary school wanted a pair after he saw the other kids wearing them and sold candy and lemonade to earn enough money to get them. I was proud of him for putting in the effort to earn his own money for something he wanted, rather than begging me to buy them for him, but I wished he had saved his money. After seeing my son wear the sneakers around the house, my youngest child, who is a toddler, wanted to have some too.

My youngest child is only a toddler, so she won’t be selling any lemonade or candy for money. My wife and I had to buy the sneakers for her. She had a very specific color that she wanted to wear, because she wanted everyone at the playground to see them. At such a young age, she’s already become a little fashion expert. I can only imagine the kinds of fashion dilemmas she’ll have when she gets older.

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A Perfect Secret Santa Gift

I was only moderately surprised to receive a pair of light up shoes as part of the Secret Santa program at my job. In the last six months I’ve made a big deal out of exercising and losing weight. Everyone in the office has noticed my boxes of low carbohydrate crackers, my mugs of water, and my bottles of supplements. They’ve also commented on how much weight I’ve lost and seem to be proud of my accomplishments. I had to lose weight because my doctor diagnosed me as pre-diabetic and said if I didn’t drop the pounds I could be in trouble in as little as a year.

That’s why I’m a water junkie and started cutting out the carbs. I also started walking, at first around the block and then longer distances as I increased my stamina. I’ve gone through two pairs of walking shoes already and needed a new pair as the holidays rolled around.

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You Probably Won’t Believe Me

So I bit the bullet, I was completely sick of looking like I was balding. I know, I’m so young, and it only just gets worse as the years go by. I decided on Russian hair extensions, because after viewing some pictures of people wearing them I thought they were perfect. I’m wearing them right now, they are made from real hair, which you would think is gross but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

They blend in with my natural hair so well, which is why I figured you wouldn’t believe me that I was wearing them. They put length on that I don’t really have.

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A Hair Style That Fits Me

I had worn my hair the same way for years. I would get it cut just a few times a year, and I thought that I was doing enough for it. It wasn’t until my best friend convinced me to go to Hair Icon in Timperley that I realized just how much I had been shortchanging myself over the years. She has always been the type to get her hair done on a regular schedule, whether it really needed it or not. It turns out that everyone needs to maintain their hair on a regular schedule, if they want it to be healthy and look great.

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Started to Get Ready for Comicon

So I am going to be planning my road trip to Comicon in a couple of weeks. Of course it is a big deal. It is a six hour drive down the coast and I have been looking for a good deal on a hotel room. Obviously I want to stay some place relatively close to the site, because it is going to be hard to get in and out of the convention. I just got finished doing some shopping at this place called cosplayful.com, mostly to get some stuff for my girl. She is really happy if she gets to dress up for something like this and the more outrageous her costume is the better she likes it. Like a lot of girls she really loves having people pay a lot of attention to her. That is not usually a problem for her, but you have to really do something special if you want to attract a lot of attention at Comicon.

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Gift Ideas for My Grandfather

I am trying to think of good gift ideas to get for my grandfather, because his 80th birthday is coming up, and I want to get something special for him. It does not need to be an expensive present, or anything like that, but I would like for it to be a meaningful present, or at least as meaningful of a present as I can muster. I am hoping that it is something nice, and one of the things that I was looking at is vintage trucker hats because my grandfather used to be a trucker.

I think he was a trucker for a lot of my childhood, becuase I remember him being away for long periods of time, and I would not see him that often.

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