A Fun Birthday Gift for My Sister

I was trying to think of a nice gift to give my sister for her birthday. She is the type who really does not need anything because she will just go out to the store and get it if she does. While I am really happy that she is able to do that, it does make it hard to find the perfect gift for her. I did not want to give her a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant, nor did I want to just give her flowers or money. I decided on light up shoes for adults after thinking long and hard about this for weeks.

I thought about what she likes to do, which is actually a lot. Most everything has one theme though, and that is staying active. I knew that she had lots of running shoes, but I also knew that none of them were of the light up variety. I had seen some Nike shoes that lit up not too long ago, and I just thought that it was a really fun idea. My sister is all about fun, and I knew that it was the perfect gift for her.

I just had to find the right ones though. The light up shoes come in different styles. I knew that her favorite color is purple, so those are the only ones I looked at. I knew that if I was getting light up shoes for myself, I would want them in a color that is my favorite. So, I ended up getting her a white pair that has purple lights. She can make them one solid light or have them blinking. When I gave her the gift, she had no idea what it was because she knows how hard it is for us to shop for her. She was so excited when she saw them though, and I knew I had made the right choice.