One Unfortunate Problem After Another

Hair stylists often get a lot of clients on a daily basis, and sometimes it can be hard to get an appointment with one on a certain day. I needed to have my hair washed and straightened because I needed to go to an event, but the usual stylist that I go to didn’t have any openings for me, so I decided to go to a mobile hair stylist in Melbourne. The stylist was able to take me and gave my hair the work it needed. I was quite pleased with the results, especially on such short notice.

Everything was going smoothly for me, and I though that I would be able to get to the event with no problems, but one happened. My car started having trouble, so I had to get it to a mechanic. The car barely made it there before it stopped. The mechanic told me that the car needed a new part, but this particular part wasn’t available at the auto shop, so it had to be ordered and wouldn’t come in until a few days later. In the mean time, I had to use a rental vehicle to get around.

That was a major setback, but it wasn’t one that I couldn’t get past. Unfortunately, another one happened after that. As I was getting dressed for the event, I put on my shoes, and then the heel snapped off of one of them. I was ready to just scream and not bother going to the event at all. I calmed myself down and looked in the closet for another set of shoes that would go with my dress. I found just the pair and went to the event. Despite all of the problems that I had that day, I was able to make it and everything was fine.