Light Shoes for the Kids

There’s something about these light up sneakers that the kids just love. My oldest son who is in elementary school wanted a pair after he saw the other kids wearing them and sold candy and lemonade to earn enough money to get them. I was proud of him for putting in the effort to earn his own money for something he wanted, rather than begging me to buy them for him, but I wished he had saved his money. After seeing my son wear the sneakers around the house, my youngest child, who is a toddler, wanted to have some too.

My youngest child is only a toddler, so she won’t be selling any lemonade or candy for money. My wife and I had to buy the sneakers for her. She had a very specific color that she wanted to wear, because she wanted everyone at the playground to see them. At such a young age, she’s already become a little fashion expert. I can only imagine the kinds of fashion dilemmas she’ll have when she gets older. My daughter loves to turn the lights on and off and makes noises to pretend that a lightening storm is happening while she does it.

Eventually my son and daughter will outgrow their old shoes and have to get new ones. I don’t know if they’ll want to get light up shoes again or if they’ll want to try some other trend that will be popular and fashionable for kids their age, but for now, they’re getting as much use as they can out of the light up sneakers. I actually wouldn’t mind having a pair of shoes that are my size so I could run around in them for a while. It would be even better if my wife bough them for me.