A Hair Style That Fits Me

I had worn my hair the same way for years. I would get it cut just a few times a year, and I thought that I was doing enough for it. It wasn’t until my best friend convinced me to go to Hair Icon in Timperley that I realized just how much I had been shortchanging myself over the years. She has always been the type to get her hair done on a regular schedule, whether it really needed it or not. It turns out that everyone needs to maintain their hair on a regular schedule, if they want it to be healthy and look great.

She has always worn her hair pretty short, so there was not much that could be done for her except for them to make sure it maintained the shape as well as removing all the split ends. I used to have a lot of problems with split ends, but I honestly didn’t think it was a big deal if I waited two or three times as long as she did to have them taken care of. She was looking at their social media page one day to see if she should change her style a bit, and that is when I realized I had been missing out.

I like the way they put pictures on their social media. They put a before and after shot of the back of the hair style, and it is just incredible for some of the women. When I saw a woman’s hair style that matches mine, meaning it was straight and frizzy, get transformed into a sleek style of curls, I had hope that I could actually have something for me that was similar. I made an appointment, and they were able to do the same exact style on my hair. I look and feel so much better now, and I will be going back every six weeks to maintain it.