December, 2018

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Some Unique Clothes for My Daughter

I have just recently found through a social media post that one of the newest fads amongst teenagers is Harajuku clothing. With Christmas quickly approaching I thought it would be nice to surprise my daughter with this latest trend. This is something that she definitely not expect from me. I knew that I would have to order these clothes online and allow plenty of time for them to arrive before Christmas. Surely I would have enough time since it is now only the beginning of November. I didn’t want to waste any more time so I pulled out my laptop computer and went to the website that was posted on social media.

I could tell right away that this was definitely an online store for girls only. The pink background really grabbed my attention at first sight. I navigated to the section that had clothing and saw a variety of items available. In the section dedicated to tops, I found a variety of shirts that include t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and some tank tops. Almost all of the shirts had characters or designs on them. They were definitely unique and I really think my daughter would like a couple of them. I picked out four different shirts that I thought she would like the best and started the checkout process. Upon checking out, I found out that it could take from 8-20 to ship to the United States. I’m sure glad I decided not to wait until the last minute.

I pride myself in finding gifts that are not expected. I like the look of surprise when my loved ones open up a gift and are completely caught off guard and surprised at the same time. I think I knocked it out of the ballpark and my daughter will never see this one coming.