December, 2016

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A Perfect Secret Santa Gift

I was only moderately surprised to receive a pair of light up shoes as part of the Secret Santa program at my job. In the last six months I’ve made a big deal out of exercising and losing weight. Everyone in the office has noticed my boxes of low carbohydrate crackers, my mugs of water, and my bottles of supplements. They’ve also commented on how much weight I’ve lost and seem to be proud of my accomplishments. I had to lose weight because my doctor diagnosed me as pre-diabetic and said if I didn’t drop the pounds I could be in trouble in as little as a year.

That’s why I’m a water junkie and started cutting out the carbs. I also started walking, at first around the block and then longer distances as I increased my stamina. I’ve gone through two pairs of walking shoes already and needed a new pair as the holidays rolled around.

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